Power and Duties Power and Duties

The Commission has the powers and duties to:-

  • Serve as secretariat of the National Planning Council and provide support as needed;
  • Conduct assessment of growth factors in terms of increase in capital and productivity necessary for the attainment of the annual growth in gross domestic products set in the plan;
  • Formulate macro-economic targets of savings, investment, exports and imports which are consistent with the growth target of gross domestic products, and reform measures pertaining to policies and legislations;
  • Set the breakdown of gross domestic products into its component sectors of agriculture, industry and services;
  • Disaggregate the sectors referred to in sub-article (4) of this Article into their Sub-sectors, and further down to groups of products or branches of industry to enable the plan to guide the implementation;
  • Analyze the inter-industry demand for the agricultural and manufacturing sectors so as to particularly assess availability of inputs both from domestic sources and through imports;
  • Draw out sector plans iteratively in consultation with the relevant federal and regional executive organs, detailing programs and projects to be undertaken as well as reform measures pertaining to policies and legislations;
  • Formulate plan implementation matrix by line ministries at the federal level and regional bureaus showing actions to be undertaken covering the entire sector plan;
  • Guide Superiorly the Central Statistics Agency and the Ethiopian Mapping Agency as these institutions are accountable to the commission;
  • Conduct periodic monitoring and evaluation of the plan implementation;
  • Perform other activities necessary for the attainment of its objective;