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21 October, 2015

Development Partners Consultation on GTP II

H.E. Dr. Yinager Dessie addressing the participantsConsultative meeting with Development Assistance Group representatives (DAG) was held on the first Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) achievement,implementation challenges,lesson drawn and draft document of GTP II from October 19 - 20 /2015 at the Economic Commission for Africa Conference Hall. Speaking at GTP II Consultation forum, National Planning Commissioner Dr. Yinager Dessie said that the purpose of the consultation would give opportunity to development partners to be aware of the implementation of GTP I and the content of the draft document of GTP II so as to undertake productive discussions and deliberations from which to receive constructive feedbacks to further improve the draft document.

According to the Commissioner,the pro-poor policies, strategies, plans and programs have been gearedtowards poverty eradication and all the previous the country’s plans including GTP I and its successor GTP II have been important instruments and mechanisms to efficiently and effectively mobilize the very resource that Ethiopia has to primarily rely on to advance its development endeavors: that is its people. Besides, these national development programs/plans have served as frameworks to effectively coordinate, manage and utilize additional development finance from partners. On the occasion, National Planning Deputy Commissioner Ato Getachew Adem presented the overall view of GTP I implementation and the draft of GTP II to the participants. In his presentation, he highlighted the positive results registered, the challenges and lessons drawn during GTP I. He also mentioned the base of GTP II and its implementation to bring a big push in structural transformation across socio- economic sectors. He added the manufacturing sector is given more attention in the plan timeline. Development Assistance group Co-chair Paul Sherlock said on his part Ethiopia has enjoyed high GDP growth through GTP I period and macro-economicstability was achieved, growth was pro-poor and broad-based, poverty has fallen to 26 percent from 40 per cent in 2010 and 2013 respectively. “As development partners, we are here to support the people and government of Ethiopia to attain their development goals,” Sherlock added. DAG is comprised of 28 bilateral and multilateral development agencies providing development assistance to Ethiopia.