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11 October, 2015

Government consults political parties on the plan

Consultative meeting conducted on the implementation of the first Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP I) and the second Growth and Transformation draft Plan (GTP II) with different political parties in the country with the presence of Prime Minister HailemariamDesalegn from Oct 9-10, 2015 at the Africa Economic Commission conference hall.
Prime Minister HailemariamDesalegn in his opening speech said that the objective of the consultation is to share information on the contents of the second Growth and Transformation draft Plan for productive discussions and deliberations from which constructive feedbacks will be obtained to improve further the draft document. Afterwards, the premier invited the Deputy Commissioner of National Planning Commission, Ato Getachewu Adem to elaborate the implementation of GTP I to the attendants.
AtoGetachewu, in his presentation, said the registered rapid economic growth in the GTP I implementation period is the result of the government’s developmental policies and strategies.
He also briefly explained the implementation and registered results of different sectors such as agriculture, industry, mineral, commerce, construction, urban development and housing, infrastructures, education, etc. in his presentation during the first growth and transformation period. Lastly, Prime Minister HailemariamDesalegn briefly explained and answered to those questions and remarks raised by participants of the meeting on the GTP I’s implementation. In this respect, the Premier said the government exerted the utmost effort to minimize poverty and was able to decline from 39% to 22% during the first plan period. Furthermore efforts will continue to eradicate it fully. He added that the government is committed to work with the society and concerned bodies to curb good governance problems in the future.
In the second day of the meeting, the Deputy Commissioner gave in-depth presentation to the attendants on the second Growth and Transformation draft Plan. In his presentation, he elaborated the plan’s basis, strategic directions, objectives and strategic pillars, as well as the macro economy, economic development, infrastructure, human development and technology capacity building, good governance, developmental political economy building and cross cutting sectors development plan main focused areas and goals to be addressed during the second plan period Following the presentation of GTP II document, the participants raised questions for which Premier gave response. The Premier, in his closing speech, mentioned that the consultation was fruitful and the input gained from the discussion will be included in the plan. He also vowed that the Government is committed to work closely with the political parties on all the shared national issues.

In the consultation, there were representatives drawn from 22 political parties.