Mission, vision, objective and Values Mission, vision, objective and Values

National Vision

“ to become a country where democratic rule, good governance and social justice reign, upon the involvement and free will of its peoples, and once extricating itself from poverty to reach the level of a lower middle-income economy by 2025 ”

The Commission’s Mission

Ensure rapid structural economic transformation and sustainable development by guiding the economy through long and medium term development planning.

The Commission’s Vision

Be the center of excellence in development planning, and monitoring and evaluation by 2025.

The Commission’s Objective

The objective of the Commission shall be to prepare five-year plans of national development in the framework of country wide balanced growth within the context of a long term perspective plan of fifteen years, and conduct periodic evaluation of the implementation of the plans.

The Commission’s Values

  • Team work
  • Professional Loyality
  • Serving the public
  • Integrity
  • Motivation for learning and change
  • Respecting the law
  • Accountability
  • Impartiality
  • Professional ethics
  • Exercising legitimate authority to the public interest
  • Work for a result and success by guiding limited resource through plan,
  • Continuous education