Directorates Directorates

There are 6 Directorates, one Center and a Bureau directly accountable to the National Planning Commission Commissioner:

  • Internal Audit Service Directorate
  • Corporate Communication Directorate
  • Gender Affairs Directorate
  • Planning and Finance Directorate
  • Reform and Human Resource Management Directorate
  • Corporate Supply Service Directorate
  • Information Technology and Knowledge Management Center
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Bureau, it has two directorates:

  • Development Projects Performance Monitoring Directorate
  • Plan Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate

Directorates accountable to the Macro Plan Preparation and Management Deputy Commissioner

  • Macro Plan Preparation and Consolidation Directorate
  • Development Projects Directorate
  • Population and Development Directorate
  • Perspective Plan Preparation and Research Directorate
  • National Economy Account Directorate

Directorates accountable to the Sectoral Plan Preparation Deputy Commissioner

  • Productive Sector Plan Directorate
  • Economic Services Plan Directorate
  • Infrastructure Plan Directorate
  • Human Resource Development & Employment Plan Directorate